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Slip and fall accidents are the most common kind of workplace accident. They can cause serious and painful injuries that can cost you a lot in medical bills.


Injuries from accidents are not the only kind of health issues you can encounter on the job. You could also suffer from certain illnesses or diseases.


Accidents on construction sites are fairly common, whether it is an accident from a fall off of scaffolding or injuries from heavy machinery or equipment.

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Many things can go wrong at any job site, whether you work in an office, in a factory, or on a construction site. You are probably familiar with the various safety hazards at your own place of work, such as wearing non-slip shoes to prevent falling accidents, keeping hands and limbs away from heavy machinery, wearing gloves when handling sharp objects, or not mixing certain cleaning chemicals together. Your employer may even have a safety handbook and various safety guidelines posted in the office or break room.

But even despite the best intentions, workplace accidents still occur more frequently than they should. In many instances, these injuries and illnesses are not the worker’s fault. They could happen because employees were not properly trained to use certain kinds of equipment or chemicals, or because the employer behaved negligently by not maintaining equipment or keeping workplace surfaces and hallways clean and dry.

If you have been injured or have gotten sick on the job, get in touch with an experienced Philadelphia workers compensation lawyer to help you with your case. According to the Pennsylvania Workers’ Compensation Act, employers in Pennsylvania (and across the country according to other state codes) are required to provide their employees with workers compensation, which means that as an employee, you could be eligible to receive financial benefits if you are hurt or if you get sick because of a job related accident or incident. This includes employees of large corporations as well as small companies, partnerships, and non profit organizations. It also covers employees who do not work full time, such as part time and seasonal workers. However, workers compensation claims are often difficult and complicated to file, so having the assistance of a workers compensation attorney can be invaluable.

Injuries on the job can range in type and degree, and they can happen as a result of a number of different circumstances. Workplace accidents are the most common kind of worker’s compensation claim filed, because it can be very easy to get involved in an accident on the job, especially in certain kinds of jobs like construction or manufacturing. Common accidents that receive media attention are construction workers falling from scaffolding or manufacturers getting arms or legs caught in machinery. But workplace accidents can even occur in quieter office settings, where you can still slip and fall on wet floors or in cluttered staircases or even seriously cut yourself with a box cutter.

Another common injury from work related incidents is a repetitive motion injury. These kinds of injuries result from the strain that comes from moving a particular body part, usually an arm, hand, neck, or back, repeatedly during the course of your work day. This is commonly seen in factory workers who repeat certain physical tasks every day.

Although they may seem less common, many workers also suffer from illnesses or diseases  that result from working at their particular job. Often, these diseases are in the form of cancer that results from breathing in or coming into contact with certain chemicals or other particulates. Workers can also suffer from asthma, skin diseases, or chemical poisonings also by coming into contact with chemicals or particulates.

The most common type of benefit received in workers compensation cases is a medical benefit, or one that is intended to cover your medical costs to treat your work related injury or illness. This benefit can be invaluable to many workers who quickly realize how incredibly expensive medical care can be, even if you already have health insurance. Even one day’s stay in the hospital can cost a few hundred dollars, and those costs do not even include surgery or other medical procedures, the cost of medications, or the cost of physical therapy if your injury requires continued treatment. These medical bills can often become even more of a financial burden if your injury or illness is such that you are unable to return to work for a period of time and earn money to help pay for those bills. Your Philadelphia workers compensation attorney can help make sure that you receive this benefit to cover your costly medical bills.

The wage loss benefit available to workers is one that is specifically designed to ensure that the worker will continue to receive an income if they are unable to return to work after their work related illness or injury. Workers are not allowed to receive more in wage loss benefits than they would normally earn. This benefit is often extremely important to workplace accident victims, because aside from their new medical bills, there are still regular bills to pay, such as rent or mortgage, food, gas, and utilities. Ensuring that an income is still available eases the financial burden of being unable to work from your illness or injury.

In serious cases, injuries from workplace accidents can worsen or can cause you to become disabled. Diseases or illnesses could also cause similar issues if they create additional health complications. Sometimes, work related injuries or illnesses can even ultimately become fatal.

In these instances, there are other kinds of workers compensation benefits available to you beyond the basic medical benefit. If you have been disabled because of your workplace accident or illness, you can receive a benefit based on your disability. Examples of these kinds of disabilities include the loss of a hand, arm, foot, leg, eye, finger, toe, or even losing your hearing.

There are also benefits available to any dependents of an employee who died as a result of a workplace accident or job related illness. A dependent can include a spouse who was financially dependent on the deceased worker, as well as any children. This benefit can help cover the lost wages of the deceased worker.

Unfortunately, getting access to these benefits can be much more complicated than it should be. If you are in an accident, you must let your employer know within 21 days of the accident in order to start receiving benefits quickly, and within 120 days of the accident to receive any benefits at all. Furthermore, your employer or their insurance company may try to argue that your injury or illness was not actually caused because of work. For example, they could argue that your asthma possibly existed before you started working with chemicals, or that your carpal tunnel was the result of using your hands at home rather than at work. This can make it very difficult to get workers compensation benefits. The most serious example of this issue is with workers who get cancer, such as mesothelioma, from their workplace. If the employer or insurance company says that the cancer is linked to something outside of work, you may have to take on the expensive costs of cancer treatments on your own.

This is why it is so important to get in touch with a workers compensation lawyer in Philadelphia as soon as possible after your accident. If you do so quickly, your lawyer can help you notify your employer of your accident and prepare the necessary documents and records, like medical records and bills, to show the insurance company when you file your claim. We will make sure that it is clear that your illness or injury happened at work in order to make sure that you receive all of the benefits that you are entitled to as a job related accident victim.

Don’t worry if you are too sick to travel — our attorneys will make home visits or even come to your hospital room to work with you on your claim. We will fight for your rights and make sure that you are treated fairly with your worker’s compensation claim. Call our offices today.


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